Todmorden Unitarian Church


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I last visited Todmorden Church decades ago and it was in a pretty sorry state then…

… heavily vandalised and with no electricity, it had an air of dilapidation about it. So it was good to return in the company of some colleagues to see the church now. Jo James, Bob Janis-Dillon, Jim Corrigall, David Steers, Phil Waldron visited the church on 2nd November 2017. Read the article by Rev’d David Steers here



Terry Logan and Emma Mortimer were the first two women to be fully legally married in any church in Calderdale.

The couple were the first two women to be fully legally married in any church in Calderdale. Todmorden Unitarian Church is the only church in the valley registered for same-sex weddings…. To read more, Click here



Wedding Of Tammy & Stuart

Tammy walked down the aisle to music sang by Steven Heath

Read his blog about the day Here


thank you John Reed event

John Reed & Friends fundraising event.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make this event happen. Thank you to all our guests who helped us raise £372.38.



Gordon Rigg’s Tutorials – April & May.

At Gordon Rigg’s they are starting to put on a lot of events for families, children and adults.

Click here for details.



Duncan Reed @ TUC 25th May 2017

Duncan’s latest video, hypnotise, which is also the title track of an album he is releasing in a few weeks.

Read about hypnotise here




18th march 2017… Darkher

Click here to see photos from the evening.



I’m a poet but I don’t know it.

19th Febuary 2017 by John Waldeaux.

Click here to read John’s blog about his visit to the church. They recorded footage to make videos for two of John’s tracks.




7th Febuary 2017. By Estelle Brown.

Click here to read Estelle’s blog…. It was a great afternoon hosting 26 children with their teachers from Shade School. They spent their time exploring every corner of the building, made sketches, took photos and asked very sensible questions.